Lyrics from robmerrera Sites MIGOS Naw FR Lyrics, singer by MIGOS

[Hook – Quavo:]
Your bitch, she wet, she leakin’ (naw forreal)
Don’t fuck with you niggas, you sneakin’ (naw forreal)
Can’t turn my back on the hood, need me (naw forreal)
When you gettin’ money, stack it up for a reason (naw forreal)
Take a look at my life back then, trap season (naw forreal)
When you make it, everybody think that it’s easy (naw forreal)
My family need me (naw forreal, forreal)
My squad let me lead ’em (naw forreal, forreal)

[Verse 1 – Quavo:]
Keep this bitch ass nigga off of from ’round me, naw forreal
I had the plug with the molly and the xans and the marijuana fill
Want to live the Migo life? It’s hard to live
Want to walk in my shoes? That is hard to fill
Naw forreal, man you know that we made a mil’
Independent, I cease and desist your deal
You niggas trippin’ cause you out of business
And we came in the game so fast, we’re professionals
Started doin’ shows at mansions and obsessions
You seen it, everybody know, they witnessed
Nah forreal, R.I.P. my nigga Pistol P
I know he send a nigga down blessings
Now I wanna walk around on the north
Nigga gotta keep the MAC 10

[Hook – Quavo]

[Verse 2 – Offset:]
Naw forreal, really had to sit down and do some time
Naw forreal, young rich nigga got rich off of a halftime
The block be beatin’ like Alpine, forreal, 200 for the [?]
Stand at the stove, whip a slab, that’s a cookie slab
Police tried to get me for a case, I had an alibi
Nah, fuck niggas you a lie
Real hitta, [?]
Forreal we were hot boys
Put the gun up in your mouth like Altoids
Trapper start snappin’, gotta be a damn poet
We ain’t ho-in’ no lean, go ahead and pour it
Skinny tires on the Rolls we lookin’ bow legged
I’m a bachelor, I live in a mansion that’s gated
40 for the [?]

[Hook – Quavo]

[Verse 3 – Takeoff:]
Naw forreal, pints double sealed
And the OG air bag come vacuum sealled
Remember kickin’ in your door takin’ flats
And the door stickin’ out at my grandma crib
Trap on the block where the [?] see the snow
Young nigga tryna make a dope deal
They askin’ me questions like Dr. Phil
Got excited when I seen a half a mil’
I was playin’ just to get a record deal
Now we independent, worth a couple M’s
Came a long way from bustin’ out sticks and stems
It’s a lot of shit that I regret I did
Can’t let negativity get to me
I take a private jet to Sicily
So you the grinch who stole Christmas
I got the OG gasbag Christmas tree

[Hook – Quavo]


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