MIGOS Send Me Pack

Lyrics from robmerrera Sites MIGOS Send Me Pack Lyrics, singer by MIGOS

[Intro – Quavo:]
Yo, yo (huh?)
Go, go
Ay girl, plug send the pack yet?
Oh he did?
Leggo get it, Leggo get it!

[Hook – Quavo:]
He send me pack (He send me pack)
He send me pack (Go go)
He send me pack (He send me pack)
He send me pack (woah)
From where? (From Taiwan)
From where? (From Thailand)
From where? (From Hong Kong)
From where? (From China!)
Go Go Go
He send me pack (He send me pack)
He send me pack (That purple threat)
He send me pack (He send me pack)
He send me pack (woah)
From where? (From Jamaica)
From where? (Costa Rica)
From where? (Venezuela)
From where? (Puerta Rica)
Go Go Go

[Verse 1 – Quavo:]
He send me pack, that purple threat
He sent me mid, I sent that back
Put this shit on my mom
This Rolex on my arm
Cost a bird and a bar
Kra Kra! Got arms
Pull up in a ‘Rari, with the bricks in the engines
20 bricks in the floor, 50 bricks in the ceiling
Just smashed your ho, you don’t want her catching feelings
Migo gang my squad, taking over whole cities
Run up on me wrong, me and my nigga you better come with it
SA got crazy choppers, Mac 90 with the stitches
Quavo you did it, young nigga seen a milly
How long that pack gon take, goddamn I’ve been waiting for a minute


[Verse 2 – Young Dolph:]
Plug just sent that pack from the left side of the map
Got bout 50 in my left and in my right I got the scrap
I put on my faith in goblin, God knows I love my trap
It’s all I know, it’s all I’m bout
Turned mama’s old house to a dopehouse
Moved her out to the suburbs, baby boy done growed up
Quarter milly in all hundreds in front of the plug when I showed up
He tried to sneak a couple blue dream on me
I had to tell that nigga hold up
Fuck you doing nigga, slow up
Before me and a couple side Memphis niggas come stick you and your ho up
Young nigga, 3 plug, 4 crib, couple hundred
That Bent that she loving on and hugging
I already fucked the ho, she ain’t nothing
It ain’t my fault, blame my connect
He keep it 100 and most of all he



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