MIGOS Plug Talk

Lyrics from robmerrera Sites MIGOS Plug Talk Lyrics, singer by MIGOS

I talked to Pedro, Pedro told me talk to Neno
Neno he been jugging he got everything illegal
And Neno he dont know that Pedro told me about the kilos
If i ever catch him slipping bet i take all his burritos
I called Neno up and said i want a half a brick Plug Talk
Walking ATM bitch you can’t front me shit
Pick me up on the block at 6 o’clock make then birds flock
What the Fuck there go 12

Ahh shit look at this [What the fuck]
This nigga Neno tried to hit a fucking lick
Thought i was sleep
He think he slick
Had to hit’em with that FN lil bitty bitch
Look at you now
All on the ground
Where is yo chain where is yo work gimme it now
Looking around watching for 12
Loyalty over royalty my nigga won’t tell gas bags call em shell
38 revolver catching shells
I’m not leaving no evidence shooting out witnesses even yo manager
Take out the cameras
Nigga try and catch me slipping flip em like a spatula
I tried to get in with Neno but Neno he told me i had the Monifah
About him and his Se?orita
Tripping and took a trip to Argentina


Pedro hit my phone say he ready
About to touchdown on some pea good gas unleaded
They say the plug in the jungle with machete
And Takeoff with the choppa Offset the Mac 11
Flippa go get the pound, fuck nigga done move better lay it down
Its a MM lick lil bitch if we hit this shit we gone be rich
I take a look under the sofa
Its a key to a brand new Rova
Offset went and search when he came back he a 100 bricks
Now that’s what i call successful you niggas is peasants
My bitch is so bad she came from MS universe beauty pageant
You talk about shit that I’v done
You can go off yo macromatic
Look at me now counting my millions in Migos mansion


See me and Rico related
They heard that I’m trapping out vacant
These heathers the come from the 80’s
My OG all my money is ancient
Im on a mission like a agent
Ducked off in the bushes be patient
The plug across the whole nation
Got Hessian, Jamaican and Asian
Serving the J’s to White Caucasian
Back in the day selling knicks on the pavement
Distorting you niggas nigga make a payment
Send my hitta’s on the block and tell em to take em
This nigga Neno really think he is slick
30 clip left a nigga in a ditch
My nigga pedro got a young nigga rich
And every story he tell is legit




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