MIGOS Dr Dolittle

Lyrics from robmerrera Sites MIGOS Dr Dolittle Lyrics, singer by MIGOS

[Hook – Quavo:]
Still trapping out the house with the boards on the window
I got chickens I got biscuits like I’m Mrs. Winners
We been getting guap since a beginner
I’m in the trap talk to my dog Dr.Dolittle
Did I say Dr.Dolittle I feel like Malcom In The Middle
I do got a whole lot of Gorillas
I swear to God they’ll kill ya
Hell yea I said Dr.Dolittle
My dogs gon’ eat you lil’ nigga
Me and my dogs in the trap
We came up off of nickels

[Verse 1 – Quavo:]
First time I kick that door I ain’t even know
What I was getting myself into but I came out with gold
Seventeen years old cash out on a jugg
Hit a True Religion Store
Eighteen years old me and RelMoney hit the plug for a boat
My momma mad cause the house reeking
Bagging up grams late night I’m sleeping
It took her re-up money just to make this rap shit easy
And a whole lot of praying
Gotta lay you down the blueprint
I’m standing here with my dogs
Nigga I know M M’s gone stand


[Verse 2 – Offset:]
Fish scale fish scale
Yeah I’m selling dinner plates
Never passed gym class, but I’m good with moving weight
If I front a nigga duece
Then I need 4 back
Offset is a boss trap nigga hash tag
Coca coca coca crack
Hit like Sammy Sosa
From clapping like Magnolia
Tryna sew ya’ I don’t know ya’
I came up and you fell off
I score a hole in one like golf
My niggas trapping on and off
They get the work and get it off




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