MIGOS Scooby And Shaggy

Lyrics from robmerrera Sites MIGOS Scooby And Shaggy Lyrics, singer by MIGOS

[Hook ? Quavo:]
I took his bitch, he mad at me
It was a mystery, Scooby Doo and Shaggy
I took the plug?s package
He was like what happened
It was a mystery, Scooby Doo and Shaggy
Scooby Doo, it was a mystery
Touchdown, going down in history
Sorry you missed me, call Scooby Doo, it?s a mystery
Finessing with accuracy, abracadabra it?s magically
Finessing with accuracy, abracadabra it?s magically

Finessing the plug with accuracy, now he after me
Got 100 Ps in the Sprinter, nigga no athlete
And I got that chicken, no Mrs. Winners
Meet the plug at the KFC and I finesse his ass after dinner
Call me Quavo the Godzilla
Red Bentley, Forgiatos on it, call it thriller
Diamonds thrill her in Manila
Fuck her from the back, I?m facing a pillar
You pull up with choppers but are you a killer?
Mirror mirror, got a riddle for you fuck niggas
What if you get in a pickle?
If you catch a body would you tell on your peer?
If you hold it down, keep it 100, you real
Samurai sword cut the brick, Kill Bill
I trap out the mansion on Beverly Hill
RIP to Uncle Phil, fresh prince, call me Quavo Will
I know that this money a blessing
I?m thanking the lord when I kneel
We the only niggas in the city having seals
Naw, for real!


Feeling like Marshawn Lynch in the interview, I?m thankful
Walk in the room with these trophies on my neck like you in a banquet
You acting like you really tough but you soft in the heart, you a diamond
Young nigga hopped off the porch, I was anxious
Just a young nigga old niggas embraced
Juug and finesse a nigga on my faith
Keep a little grip on my pistol, say my grace
We in the jungle, my niggas go ape
Whipping the dummy, this what I create
I fuck your bitch while you take her on dates
Nobody know I smash her on my lake
Talking fast to the plug, juuged him for 8
Stacking bricks, LA Clippers, call me Blake
Thanking the lord for my situation
Used to have bricks on the intersection
Sipping Act, daily medication
Who really real in investigations
You gonna tell because what you facing
He got out of jail and they couldn?t trace it
It?s a mystery, can?t even solve the case
Don?t be that nigga put on a plate


Finesse him with accuracy
Running with the work, police tryna tackle me
Short days, long nights, trapping at the Quality Control factory
Abracadabra, work disappear magically
I?m in the kitchen whipping, it?s a tragedy
Whipping the masterpiece, then I go smoke on my balcony
My niggas and family count on me
Trapping that snow white in that van, they calling me ice cream man
I see trash bags but no trash, nigga I?m the trash bag man
I see red and white blue lights, undercover lurking in the Sedan
Start with a cutie, break it down
Bag it up, wrap it up, that was the plan
Now I?m pitching soft and curveballs
Or I can pitch it to you underhand
Remember trapping out of Camrys
Until we won Grammys
Now you niggas cannot step on my property or my grass, feel like I?m Stanly
I took his bitch, he mad at me
Fuck em fuck em, pull up on him in the alley




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