MIGOS Who The Hell

Lyrics from robmerrera Sites MIGOS Who The Hell Lyrics, singer by MIGOS

I’m a dog, she a dog too
If he a shooter, I’m a shooter too
I’m a trap nigga, who are you?
Is you mad, cause I’m flexing all on you?
Who the hell? [x3]
Got me fucked up
Who the hell? [x3]
Got me fucked up

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Who the hell are you?
I’m a dog she a dog too
We know that she fucking the team
Man the whole crew
I’m a fucking fool if I put cuffs on you
Who the hell?
Bet he got trap spots
No bandos, and I can’t tell…
Who the hell say I ain’t whipping a bale?
My niggas be kicking the doors
And running from 12
Fish scales
Pockets deep like water wells


[Verse 2: Offset]
I got bombs no Osama
President rollie, Obama
Forty pornos
You can see my diamonds
From cross the corner
Death before dishonor
Middle finger, fuck the your honor
Concrete jungle
If you fumble
Eat you up like piranhas
Who the hell?
Said I won’t pull out that chopper
And aim it at your turtle shell
I know that you snitching
You a informant for 12
My niggas they trained to kill
We got bananas
You know they gone peel



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