Lyrics from robmerrera Sites MIGOS Flex Lyrics, singer by MIGOS

[Hook: Takeoff]
All I do is flex, flex, flex
All I do is flex, flex, flex
All I do is count up checks, checks, checks
All I do is flex, flex, flex
All I do is flex, flex, flex
All I do is count up checks, checks, checks
All I do is flex, flex, flex
All I do is count up checks, checks, checks

[Verse 1: Offset]
I’m flexing like I’m a wrestler
100k spent spent on the Bezel
Ice in my ear like chandelier
Migo gang, they can’t handle us
I got a check like I might be famous
I’m the shit like a motherfucking anus
Finesse talk you don’t know the language
If you got that pack I might take it
Ain’t now game when I’m aiming
Cut the top like I’m brainless
I’m dashing 12 life Dame is
Loud pack my fragrance
Your bitch always facing
Talking bout that stupidness
We thumb through a stupid check
We might go and cop the ‘Vette
Offset, Tru Religion
Robin denim, yeah I killed ’em
Ice on my neck, and it’s dripping like it’s water in it
New Bentley, not rented
You can’t see me cause the window tinted
She fuck the team she very friendly
Everybody in my team got bitches


[Verse 2: Takeoff]
Young Takeoff gon’ flex, known for getting them checks
Known for hitting that lot, known for getting them ‘Vettes
Known for dropping them bands, leaning like kickstands
All on the block, [?] in my hand
Some of the bricks be white, some of the bricks be tan
Got a plug on that gas, got a plug on them xans
Wrap the work in Saran, on the stove with pots and pans
Then cool it with the fan, then ship it to Japan
I’m a show ya’ll how to flex, Ya’ll don’t know the real definition of a flex
You ain’t whip till the jewelry wrapped up on a chain just cause a young nigga had the check
Doing this shit since the age of seven
Getting money since the age 11
I’m all about a check and all a nigga do is flex


[Verse 3: Quavo]
Young ass nigga walking round here flexing
Spent 25 on my motherfucking necklace
Young ass goons we reckless, Pull up in a Viper
Scary like Freddy Kruger, got goons on the roof with a rifle
Rolling up extension could somebody pass me a lighter, [?] like Roddy no piper
I drop the top now I like her
Got lil’ goons where they gon’ stirk ya
Got too bad bitches they diking
I take my chain off, put it in the crowd, lil’ mamas start fighting
Pull up and the line is frightening
I smash these hoes no wife-ing them
Beat the pots and the pans like Ike and them
Hit these niggas like Tyson did
Pull up in the dark, no light with him
Try to copy my swag, that’s plagiarism
I know snakes with a lot of venom
Call CDC for the anti-venom




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